How About a Quick Update on the Site?

Greetings fellow Cage fans. 

So, odds are you’re wondering what’s been going on around here. How come, you say, there aren’t any new posts lately? What happened to the weekly updates? Where in the hell have you been?

All good questions, and deserving of a good answer. Sadly, I don’t have one. I wish I could say I got supremely busy and just had to put this by the wayside, but that’s only half true. I have been busy at times, but there have been others where I probably should have been writing. Honestly, I just kind of suck at managing my time.

Which brings me to the current state of this project. No, I haven’t come to say no more. Just that things are changing a bit.

Originally, I had planned this to take place over the course of a single year, but frankly, I don’t do so well with self-imposed deadlines.  I rarely meet them, and when I do, I usually hate whatever it was I was doing. I don’t want to hate Year of the Cage. I’ve had a lot of fun doing this, but I think the weekly deadline has sucked a lot of the fun out of the process.

So, from here on out, Year of the Cage is no longer a weekly, year-long series. It’s a hopefully-close-to-weekly-series-that-will-go-on-for-an-indeterminate-amount-of-time. Basically, I want to be writing about Nicolas Cage until he’s dead, I’m dead, or we’re both dead at the same time for some reason. This is a filmography I’m more than happy to dedicate the vast unknown future to. Basically, I’m going to end up breaking down every movie the man makes. I’d like to take a bit more time with it.

Hopefully this hasn’t been too discouraging. I hate that it took me this long to get around to this. I think some part of me still romanticized the idea of the year-long thing. Except the thing is, I conceived that when this was going to be a paid gig. I was going to write this series for the film website I used to work for, and therefore would have more concrete motivation to finish the stunt. But once that dried up and I moved on, I had to push myself to get things done. 

Which isn’t to say you haven’t deserved more regular updates, and that’s something I’m going to try to do from here on out. It might not be every week on the spot, but I don’t want to go more than two without an update. I think I can stick to that schedule. 

If I don’t, feel free to call me out on twitter, in the comments here, facebook, wherever. I need berating sometimes to kick my ass into gear. Hopefully you can forgive my indiscretions, and we can just move on from here.

Look for that entry on The Rock real soon.

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